Personalized Clothes With Custom Colors, Personalized Text, Names and Monograms

We are offering various customization to our designs for only 10% extra. We can do this for most of our range including shoes, accessories and our men and women's clothing.

Just email us what you want and we will send you a mock up prior to custom production for approval.

1) Add a custom monogram or name
Add your initials to the front (often the left chest) or the back such as in the example.

2) Change the colors to any color of your choice
Change the colors to your liking. We can change the colors based on an example or color references.  Please note that colors on a screen are different than printed colors. We will approximate the colors as best as possible but it will never be exactly the same.

3) Custom saying, text, name or quote
We can add a custom quote to our designs in a wide varieties of typefaces. Our custom one piece swimsuits or bathing suits are very popular for birthdays, bridal parties or bachelorette trips.

custom one piece swimsuit bathing suit women bachelorette birthday

4) Ethical or eco friendly fabrics
We have various eco friendly fabrics available such as organic cotton or soft fabrics made with recycled plastic bottles. Please send us an email if you like a design but want it on an eco friendly fabric. The reason why we don't offer everything in eco friendly fabrics is that these are typically more expensive and take longer to source and produce. Also, the styles available are more limited.


Founder and creative director