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Our mission: Starcove designs unique apparel and home goods to help you express yourself. Our goal is to make you feel great and bring joy to your life through our fun products.


I, Filip, founded Starcove due to my conviction that there exists a superior approach to the fashion industry.

1. We are a small American design business based in Connecticut that works with craft cut and sew ateliers across the US, Europe, and Asia. We offer worldwide shipping and specialize in craft cut and sew techniques.

2. Our unique designs celebrate the joys of life with a touch of humor. We create whimsical designs by reimagining timeless patterns with a modern twist, embracing themes of the seasons and developing new trends. In addition, we design playful graphics for t-shirts, wall art and stickers.
3. We take a meticulous approach to crafting each order by hand, which helps us to reduce waste and expenses related to excess inventory while also minimizing our environmental impact. This approach also allows us to offer a wider range of styles and variations for you to choose from.
4. We care deeply about the health and well-being of our oceans. We have a special Save our Ocean Collection that supports ocean conservation efforts. By purchasing from this collection, you can help us donate 10% of the sales of this collection to organizations that clean up our seas.
5. Our specialized techniques allow us to create custom clothing just for you. Simply upload a photo or text, and our talented designers will take care of the rest. We are also able to customize any of the items available in our store upon request. Let us help you create a one-of-a-kind wardrobe that reflects your personal style.
6. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to bring happiness to 15,000 customers in 40 countries and have received more than 1,300 glowing 5-star reviews.

Creative Inspiration

My grandmother, who has passed away, serves as a constant source of inspiration for my creativity. She was an extremely talented and versatile creator, with a wealth of experience in tailoring, sculpting, painting, and many other crafts. Her work always had beautiful and impressive results. Her skills and passion for creating continue to inspire me to pursue my own creative endeavors.

How Starcove came to be

I was inspired by the beauty of the night sky above a tropical cove when I founded my fashion brand, Starcove. I wanted to create garments that captured the magic and wonder of these natural wonders. After brainstorming ideas, I chose the name "Starcove," combining the majestic stars and galaxy above with the beautiful cove below.

As I designed my clothing, I was inspired by the vibrant colors and patterns of the stars and the colorful hues of the ocean cove. I incorporated these elements into my garments, creating clothing that was both eye-catching and exciting to wear.

I believe that fashion should be expressive and fun, as well as practical. I wanted my clothing to bring joy and happiness to those who wore it, and to inspire people to celebrate the little pleasures of everyday life.

Even as my brand reached 10,000 customers, I remained committed to my original vision. I continued to design unique, handcrafted clothing with a touch of humor and supported ocean conservation efforts through my special Save our Ocean Collection. I also offered custom clothing options and store item customization upon request, allowing customers to express their personal style.

And so, the American fashion brand named "Starcove" was born, bringing magic, wonder, and joy to people in over 40 countries.


Owner and creative designer

Email: service@starcovedesign.com

We love fun patterns, graphics and color

We design unique modern patterns, cool graphics and aesthetic fashion color palettes.

We donate 10% of sales of our Save the Oceans collection to Oceana. They are a well-renowned organization dedicated to preserving and protecting our oceans. Here is a screenshot of one of our latest donation to Oceana:

Oceana's message when you donate on how they use the funds

With the support of more than 850,000 activists like you, we have already protected over 4.5 million square miles of ocean and innumerable sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, and other sea creatures – but there is still more to be done.

Support our work to protect the oceans by giving today. With your help, we can protect marine life and habitats.

Nine ways we are eco and environmentally friendly

  1. All our clothes are made to order. We therefore completely avoid overproduction, waste and never have to destroy unsold inventory. We only produce once we receive an order and have been working hard on getting our turnaround times faster as well as broadening our assortment.

  2. We use water-based eco-friendly inks for all our prints.

  3. We have dedicated designs to create awareness around environmental issues especially around the problems our oceans face as well as climate change.

  4. We give a portion back of certain collections to organizations that help save our oceans.

  5. We offer organic cotton and fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. These fabrics are certified to ensure the full supply chain is environmentally coherent. All of our designs can be printed on eco-friendly organic/recycled fabrics upon request.

  6. Because we produce made to order we offer customizations of all our items. This allows for more personalized designs that will likely be worn longer.

  7. Most of our production is in the USA and only from ethical suppliers. We only source products and fabrics from ethical suppliers that comply with labor, environmental, and safety standards. Each of our partners has extensive environmental programs in place. In addition, most of our partners can be visited and are very transparent about their environmental efforts. By producing in the US, our partners have to adhere to clear regulations and certifications.
  8. We enable our supply chain with advanced technology to ensure a broad choice of products while producing on order and keeping our turnaround time reasonable. We can also allow order updates such as address changes prior to producing your item which reduces returns.
  9. We work only with WRAP certified partners. WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) is a globally recognized, independent 3rd party certifying body whose mission is to promote ethical, humane, and lawful conditions and practices in all manufacturing facilities.