Starcove - About US - Eco Friendly | One of a Kind Designs | Personalizable

Starcove mission: We love all life, our planet and our oceans. We design fun one-of-a-kind apparel, accessories and home goods to make you look great. We are eco-friendly and offer customizations and personalizations. We also have a special Save Our Oceans collections where we give 10% back of all sales to help save our oceans.


My name is Filip and I started Starcove because I want to express my love for fun one of a kind designs. I find most clothing too boring and want to offer an alternative with more fun, inspirational and colorful designs.

On top of that I am concerned about what is going on in the world and want to provide a positive message on our lives, our planet and our oceans. I do very much love our oceans, seas and beach so I am often inspired by those themes.

The inspiration for my creativity is my 92 year old grandmother. She is a highly multi-skilled creator and has a long history of tailoring, sculpting, painting and a wide range of crafts with amazing results. I guess, I got her affinity with color, design and aesthetic. 

Celebrating all life with fun, colorful and inspirational designs

We donate 10% of sales of our Save the Oceans collection to Oceana. They are a well-renowned organization dedicated to preserving and protecting our oceans.

I hope you like our design approach.