The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a clear call to action - interview with Micaela Frade from @polaroidsplacesprettythings

We had a chance to interview Micaela from @polaroidsplacesprettythings and here is the result:
My name is Micaela and I'm a 3rd year student passionate about all things fitness, health and travel related. I'm a chocolate dependent life-form who loves sunsets, turtles and going on adventures.
Running for the oceans 🌊❤️ on World Ocean's Day

What made you start creating content on social media about ocean conservation?

After seeing the effects of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the threats we pose to sea life I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint and share that with others so that they may be encouraged to do the same.

What is your single most important tip that anyone can do to help save our oceans?

No small change is too small; every straw, plastic bag & ecobrick counts for something.

What's your biggest goal as a creator/blogger?

To create awareness about big global issues and be a voice of change within the social community.

Thanks Micaela for this awesome interview!

Where can people reach you?

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