Visiting save our oceans events around the PNW - Interview with Ashley Lynn from @wewanderwa Starcove Fashion

Visiting save our oceans events around the PNW - Interview with Ashley Lynn from @wewanderwa

We had a chance to interview Ashley from @wewanderwa and here is the result:

Hi! I’m Ashley and I’m new to the WA area. All my life I’ve been fascinated by oceans and seeing what they are becoming scares me. I am on a mission to go to different events regarding saving our oceans around the PNW!

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What made you start creating content on social media about ocean conservation?

Ever since I was little, the ocean has spoke to me in ways that nothing else can. It calms the mind and so many things in the ocean is still unknown. Just like our land and environment being taken for expansion of businesses and new homes for increase population, the marine animals home is being taken too. Except they can’t do much about it. We can.

What is your single most important tip that anyone can do to help save our oceans?

Leave absolute no trace that you were ever near the water. That’s includes trash, pollutants and more. Do your part and save our biggest surrounding oceans by picking up trash you may see laying around and again, leave the ocean and areas surrounding even better than you found them. The oceans aren’t for us, they belong to the earth and we need to respect what isn’t ours.

What's your biggest goal as a creator/blogger?

A couple things actually; to show different places this world has to offer and inspire people around WA to want to visit them as well but also to give individuals an insight on how beautiful the world actually is and how the only thing that can ruin it, is us humans.

Take a pledge and help save our oceans and the earth! It’s your duty to keep earth as beautiful as it once was. After all, it’s our home and treating it with disrespect is a reflection of your own character. You get to choose how people view your contribution to the world.

Thanks Ashley for this awesome interview!

Where can people reach you?

Instagram: @ashhbeamer
Instagram: @wewanderwa

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