♥️ Reduce, reuse, recycle  - Interview with Hanna from @hannaleona Starcove Fashion

♥️ Reduce, reuse, recycle - Interview with Hanna from @hannaleona

We had a chance to interview the wonderful Hanna from @hannaleona. Find out how she contributes to save our oceans. 
Hi I’m Hanna 😊 I’m a sports student from Germany and LOVE being outdoors for hiking, swimming, surfing, snowboarding, picnics, walks, rock climbing .. you get the idea. In nature I feel at ease, happy and energetic. Plus there are so many really cool creatures and plants, especially in the oceans! 🌊 My favourite animals are sharks (all of them♥️).
Ocean love in paradise on the Cook Islands 🌴🌸 
What made you start creating content on social media about ocean conservation? 
I have a huge passion for the oceans and understand how important they are for the whole world and environment how we know it. Most of the time, we act without thinking and there really is a lot each person can do to protect oceans and nature as reducing single use plastic usage, pay attention to where products come from and live more sustainable. I hope to raise awareness and influence some people in a positive way, even if it’s just a little bit. Because every little bit helps!
What is your single most important tip that anyone can do to help save our oceans?
Reduce, reuse, recycle ♥️
What's your biggest goal as a creator/blogger?
My biggest goal is to influence people in a positive way so that they think more about their own behavior and create positive change for themselves and the world they live in.
I think it is important that everyone understands that we all have the choice to be how we want to be and we can change our behavior. Everyone has an impact on the people and the world around them. And we all make our own choices and these choices can lead to the life each person wants for themselves. We don’t have to live in the bubble we’re told to live in.

Thanks Hanna for this awesome interview!

Where can people reach you?

Instagram: @hannaleona
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