Four Reasons Why Our Sweatshirts and Hoodies are so Awesome Starcove Fashion

Four Reasons Why Our Sweatshirts and Hoodies are so Awesome

Why our hoodies and sweatshirts are the best in the world?

1. Super Comfy French Terry 

French Terry fabric is a knitted terry cloth fabric that features loops and soft piles of yarn on one side, (usually the inside of a garment), and a smooth, soft surface on the other side.

The result is an absorbent, light-weight, moisture-wicking material that's super comfortable to wear any day of the year. It's heavier than a t-shirt, yet lighter than most blank sweatshirts. Our's is made from 100% cotton!

French Terry is very much appreciated because it's: 

  1. Super Comfy - the soft piles of yarn on the inside of the fabric feel soft and cozy against your skin
  2. Made to Keep You Cool & Dry - moisture-wicking properties draw sweat away from your body -cotton threads can absorb up to 27 times its weight in water!
  3. Flexible - French Terry has the perfect amount of give to provide stretch and flexibility during activities like yoga, working out or just lounging
  4. Great for Layering - the 260 GSM is heavier than a t-shirt, but lighter than a sweatshirt, so it can be worn pretty much year round both under and over other pieces. And the 350 GSM can be worn as an outerwear. 

2. Customize your thickness: lightweight or thick

We offer two thickness: 260 GSM and 350 GSM.

What is GSM?

GSM is short for grams per square meter. All fabrics have a weight, and the standard measurement for the weight and quality of fabrics is grams per square meter. This number refers to the density.

260 GSM
Our 260 GSM French Terry has a lightweight feel and great for spring, fall or cooler days.

350 GSM
Our 350 GSM French Terry is thicker and great for colder or winter days.

 3. We have different models and styles to satisfy your needs

- Pullover hoodies: these have no zipper and are very comfy

- Zip-up hoodies: with a zipper

- Raglan Shoulders: The sleeve line runs from the neckline diagonally down to under the arm. It cuts across the shoulder and creates a line that accentuates the shoulder. This is helpful for those with larger chests who want to help balance chest size with shoulder size. 

- Set-in Shoulders

- Sleeveless hoodies

This hoodie is a hoodie with Raglan shoulders and zip-up:

4. Original designs: custom colors, cut & sew designs and combinations

We love color and each of our hoodies and sweatshirts come in a unique color and is often combined with other colors.

Because we cut and sew each piece, we can create dynamic designs with various parts of the hoodie or sweatshirt in a different color. Because we make each order on demand, we can also offer more variety since we don't have to take a lot of stock. 


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