Find out why doing yoga on the beach allows for a deeper meditation - interview with yoga teacher Dara Starcove Fashion

Find out why doing yoga on the beach allows for a deeper meditation - interview with yoga teacher Dara

We caught up with the incredible Dara from @daralorenayoga who is passionate about ocean conservation and yoga. 
Please introduce yourself?
Hello, my name is Dara and I am a yoga instructor in south Florida. Along with being a yoga instructor, I am also a group fitness instructor, and a school art teacher. When I’m not working, I’m at the beach, in the water, paddle boarding, or doing my own yoga practice. I am passionate about sustainability for the environment, especially our coastal ecosystem and the ocean.
☀️ Salt in the air and sand in my hair!
What made you start creating content on social media about yoga?
When I started teaching more yoga classes for a variety of local yoga studios and organizations, I found that social media was a great way to get the word out there about class schedules. I found it’s also a great way to connect with local Yogis and yoga teachers.
What do you enjoy about practicing yoga on the beach?
Practicing and teaching yoga on the beach brings in a whole new element to the practice. Not only is it soothing to feel the sun and wind on your face, the sand below your feet, and to hear the ocean while practicing, but it also allows me to feel more deeply connected to the earth. I also notice that the environment helps guide both me and the yogis that I teach into a deeper meditation.
How important is oceans conservation for you?
Ocean conservation is extremely important to me. Living on the coast, I see first hand how humans can impact the ocean in both negative and positive ways. I regularly snorkel and scuba dive, so I see this impact both above and below be surface. I spent a few months last summer between school years working in Education at a sea turtle rescue and rehab center (loggerhead marine life center), which only deepened my passion for the ocean. I also recognize that if we don’t take conservation seriously now, we will be facing a nearly irreversible disaster; so getting the word out and educating everyone on how to live in a more sustainable way is essential.
I am actively striving towards a zero waste lifestyle, as I recognize single use plastic as one of the most dangerous threats to the ocean today.
What's your biggest goal as a creator/blogger?
To draw viewers interest to practicing yoga, as well as highlighting the beautiful nature scene of south Florida.

Thanks Dara for this awesome interview!

Where can people reach you?

Instagram: @daralorenayoga
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