♻️ We created a new fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles

We are upset with plastic waste. Single use plastic bottles are filling up our waterways and landfills every day. These are the most common single-use plastic on the planet and the problem is that it takes up to 1,000 years to breakdown.

We therefore created a special recycled eco-fabric made from 100% plastic waste (recycled polyester - RPET)

♻️ The best recycled eco-friendly fabrics on the market

- Super soft with cotton like touch
- Our sweatshirts and hoodies recycle 30 plastic bottes
- Super vibrant colors
- A touch of stretch for a great fit thanks to our 95% recycled polyester / 5% spandex blend

♻️ Save our oceans by buying recycled eco fabrics

You’ll be saving the planet with each garment purchased.  It helps keep plastic out of landfills/oceans and make you look great.

We launched already a few designs with this new fabric and one design that I loved creating is this women's Apres Ski sweatshirt.

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